Nice, but not functional.

About two years ago, when I first started teaching myself python, I really wanted an interactive calendar to display on my monitor. I ran across Python’s calendar module. I liked the look and size of the calendar, but it didn’t do anything but sit there. So, I continued my quest.

Like many of you, my first GUI package was Tkinter. I tried designing a calendar with it but became completely overwhelmed. I then learned that PyQt5 has a QCalendarWidget for building a calendar. At the time, I wanted something small and unobtrusive, and the QcalendarWidget was much too big. Also…

The great thing about python is the packages that are available for processing data. Currently, there are over 200,000 packages on PyPi, with more being added every day. One of those packages is Pandas.

Pandas is the most powerful and flexible open-source data analysis/-manipulation tool available in any language, according to PyPi. Along with numpy, pandas is usually the first package downloaded when beginning to work with datasets for the first time.

Datasets come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the same types of data can come from different sources. This can lead to errors in the data. …

I wrote a program on how to use a cipher to encrypt API keys. The output of that cipher was a .txt file containing the encrypted string and a .bin file with the decryption key.

I wanted a graphical front end to that cipher to call from a menu bar on the home screen. The image above is what I ended up with. The full code is located at the end of this article.

We use the GUI by entering an API code (or password, etc.) into the text box under “Enter Code String:”. Next, enter the file name you…

Image by ZennDogg

My use of Python entails mostly modifying my PC to my liking. Above is a screenshot of the home screen on my computer. Across the top are two menu bars and a clock/weather display.

The menu items are general categories with drop-down menus to choose a specific app. For instance, when clicking on EDITORS, the following drop-down is displayed.

Without Really Trying…

Photo by M. B. M. on Unsplash

Now that I’ve retired, I have a lot of time on my hands. An interest in the stock market is occupying some of my time right now. One of the first steps in studying stocks is knowing what stocks are out there. Lists of stock symbols are available in many places as a .csv download, but I like quick and efficient. I wrote this script to do just that.

First, the import statements.

import pandas as pd
from yahoo_fin import stock_info as si

There are three major stock exchanges in the US. They are the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500…

Using Python and PyQt5

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar from Unsplash

In Part 1 of the project, we wrote the main backup program using Robocopy as the actual file transfer engine. It works fine for a basic file transfer script, but as we mentioned in Part 1, how do we tell when the transfers are finished or even if the program is actually running? This project can be downloaded at:

I wanted some kind of visual indicator to show the user the program was indeed running. This means integrating a GUI into our backup program. My GUI module of choice? PyQt5.

Before we continue, I want to explain my use…

Using Python and PyQt5

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar from Unsplash

We all know backing up our files is important. I wanted to write my own backup program in python. This project can be downloaded from Github at :

My requirements were that it be unobtrusive and display a small message while the program was running. Easy, right? After all, this is python with its plethora of modules, both internal and external.

Well, I had a heck of a time with that last part, requiring three separate files, as we’ll see. But, first, the imports for the main backup program.

import osimport sysimport timeimport filecmpimport subprocess

Photo by Paweł Czerwińsk on Unsplash

A little while back, I wrote about wanting to retry a psychedelic experience now that I’m older, wiser, and better informed. For a short recap, I am a lifelong sufferer of PTSD, ADHD, and depression who recently noticed that past periods of “defogging” seem to coincide with having recreationally consumed some form of hallucinogen.

I now wanted to try it again.

Well, I haven’t done it yet. My plan is to make my own and that takes a little time. Supplies have been ordered.

What I want to discuss is the second part of my plan. You see, in my…

COVID 19 sucks! The pandemic has upended every-day life and affected nearly everyone in the country in some form or another. I know it made a BIG change in my life.

My last 18 years were spent delivering mail for the United States Postal Service. I was a Letter Carrier on a route with a high proportion of retirees. I engaged in many conversations over the mailbox with my patrons, which I thoroughly enjoyed, regardless of our differing points-of-view. I loved my route, with my wife and I, joyously counting down the days to retirement.

Then March 2020 came around.

David Robinson

Retired, Self taught in python

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